with solutions to your needs and visions of the possibilities. When we’re working with you to transform living and working environments­––common spaces and lounge areas, lecture, office, residence spaces––with affordable, first-class furniture, the endeavor is a pleasure.

Why choose commercial over retail furniture?

Commercial-grade furniture is crafted to keep you pleasantly satisfied with its longevity and high performance, when compared to even the best retail offerings. This contemporary furniture, a/k/a “contract furniture,” meets industry standards for durability in construction techniques and materials, and is designed from the start with space-utilization in mind––without sacrificing style or comfort! Warranties span 10–35 years, a consideration when you’re contemplating life-cycle cost, sustainability, and potential liability due to weakening, or breakage, over time.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Functional
  • Modern
  • Stylish
  • Warrantied 10-35 years

By contrast, retail furniture is created for residential-grade work and warrantied for “normal and reasonable use.” You’ll often find a full one-year warranty and limited five-or ten-year warranties, with upholstery manufacturers typically covering cushion materials for five years. Rarely, if ever, will you find a retailer offering a hard-use warranty. Many retailers offer no warranties.

The benefits to buying commercial-grade furniture over retail? It is 1) sound, 2) provides the peace-of-mind and assurance of a substantial manufacturing warranty, and is 3) good for the environment.

Julie cleared up two misconceptions––one, that I couldn’t afford her furniture because it was commercial grade, and two, that my order was too small. She overcame my ‘analysis paralysis’ to pare down my selection to accommodate patients of all shapes and sizes. And my investment was below budget and less than retail furniture, when you consider that the chairs will last seven times longer than my previous purchases. Julie gave me great choices, under budget, easily, and quick to my doorstep!
Dr. Sara Cuperus, Chiropractic Performance Center